What is a Community Clubhouse?

//What is a Community Clubhouse?

What is a Community Clubhouse?

Rule number one… Every good question deserves a thought provoking discussion. So I invite you to get involved and see where this takes us.

I think "community" means that the clubhouse belongs to you (collectively), not me. Or at least to the people who help pay the bills to keep the doors open and the lights on. That seems like an easy answer. But in corporate america, the consumer is rarely in control of the quality and diversity of the product. The man behind the curtain knows best. In a small operation like this one, you can vote with your feet. If they don't lead you to 125 Centerway, then you will have spoken loud enough to change what we do and how we do it.

The "clubhouse" is my idea of how to meld together several different models of how to support and promote community participation in a variety of activities, primarily to engage the mind to "Build, Craft, Hack, Play, Make", the motto of Make's Maker Faire. If you have never seen a hackerspace, or a makerspace, James Carlson, founder of School Factory, explains the concept pretty well:


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