What is this all about?

//What is this all about?

What is this all about?

Roosevelt Center is a wonderful place in the heart of our community of Old Greenbelt. I shop at the CO-OP, see movies at the Old Greenbelt Theatre, and have dinner at the New Deal Cafe. I try to avoid visiting, but my doctor's office is right there. Below the CO-OP is our home for performance art, the Greenbelt Arts Theater. A few hundred feet away we have the the City's Aquatic and Fitness Center, the Youth Center w/skate park, and the cornerstone Greenbelt Community Center.  And just beyond that we have our county library, and recreational fields for baseball, football, tennis and even beach volleyball.

What is missing, is what this is all about.

IMHO, and I hope you agree, we need a community space where we can meet to work on projects of shared interest. Some techies would call it a "hackerspace", other crafts folk might prefer "makerspace."

And beyond being a shared workspace for adults, we need to engage our youth in fun and educational activities. With their focus on MSA test scores, our schools are providing some after-school tutoring in reading and math, but few resources are allocated to support writing and science. Moreover, some argue that our school system was not designed to encourage the development of advanced technical skills, or even of critical thinking.

The opportunity exists to address these needs. The dry cleaning store in the photo above is out of business, and is the perfect size and location for a small sci/tech/crafts activity center. We'll set aside a few hours in the afternoon for one-on-one tutoring, and several hours every week for workshops and vocational training. My personal interests, mostly related to my career, include microelectronics, robotics, and computers. But I'd love to see a nice model railroad layout. Eva needs a place to write as she develops second career opportunities following her early retirement from federal service. She likes to knit and enjoys a variety of "make" activities when she is not in our garden.

What would you like to do in our community clubhouse?


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