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will.i.am, and i.am.angel Foundation

William Adams, aka will.i.am, is a musician, songwriter, singer, and producer. He is best known for his lead role in the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas. will.i.am is also an entrepreneur and a social activist with an "initiative to inspire students and young people to cultivate an interest in science."

In 2011, will.i.am teamed up with Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST Robotics, to promote STEM education. In addition to speaking directly to the student participants of FIRST, from the season kickoff to the championship tournament, will.i.am created a primetime TV special, i.am FIRST: Science is Rock and Roll, and teamed with Time Warner Cable to promte the Wouldn't It Be Cool If… contest.

will.i.am was born in East Los Angeles and lived in the Boyle Heights neighborhood. A major initiative of his private foundation, i.am.angel (aka i.am.giving), is to give back to his hometown community by creating a learning center that will "offer wide-ranging programs so that participants are provided with the resources needed to get into and graduate from college, learn marketable and employable skills in the arts and digital media, and are guided towards the careers of tomorrow in science, technology engineering and mathematics."

Asked in an interview if his newly started Boyle Heights project was successful, will.i.am declared yes, we opened our doors. THAT will be our milestone at Club125. And as will.i.am continued, check back in 20 years and ask that question again.

will.i.am gives a behind the scenes look at the creation of Reach for the Stars – Mars Edition, the first song to be transmitted to Earth from Mars to complete a 708 million mile round trip.

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