Robotics for Big Kids

//Robotics for Big Kids

Robotics for Big Kids

Older teens and adults are invited to join us at the MakerSpace to form an adult robotics club, to work on various type of robots and drones. Some folks have expressed interest in a competition league perhaps based on the BattleBots TV show. There are also competitions to create underwater rovers and unmanned aerial vehicles (aka drones). The current plan is to meet once a week on Saturday morning though folks can work at the Makerspace throughout the week.

Student-designed-and-built autonomous robotic submarines must complete a difficult series of visual- and acoustic-based tasks in this international competition. These tasks simulate the work required of robotic subs in many facets of underwater activity. The 2017 International RoboSub Competition was held July 24-30 at SSC Pacific TRANSDEC, San Diego, CA.

The 17th annual MATE international ROV competition will take place June 21-23, 2018 at Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way, Washington.

The longest-running collegiate aerial robotics challenge in the world, IARC advances state-of-the-art in autonomous aerial robotic behavior through international teams creating fully autonomous flying robots that demonstrate behaviors never before demonstrated while completing missions with real world applications. The 2017 IARC event was held July 25-27 at the Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center, Atlanta, GA.

See more competitions listed at RoboNation.

If you are interested, stop by this Saturday during the Labor Day Information Day or send us email. Ready. Set. Build!

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