Thursday Tech Week 2

//Thursday Tech Week 2

Thursday Tech Week 2

We had a great start to our Thursday night tech series last week. This week we will move the early meetup for kids and newbie adult programmers back a half hour to now start at 5:30. This will give some folks enough time to arrive from school or work. We’re working our way through the Kahn Academy online free course in JavaScript programming.

The second meetup, at 7:00, is our gadget workshop. Last week we built our first simple arduino device that had a trigger (button) and a response (buzzer). That may sound trivial, but it was sufficient to demonstrate a very common template for a typical gadget and it got everyone exposed to the development process, both hardware and software. This week we will explore how to trigger a response to an Internet connected device, to share information with a larger or more distant audience.

Our third meetup, at 8:30, is for experienced programmers to learn new skills and to develop new applications. Last week I had no takers but I stayed late working on an issue with my arduino WiFi connection.

Hope to see all my new techie friends tonight!

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