Programming Minecraft, to Infinity and Beyond!

So, Minecraft is looking more and more like a great programming platform, for kids of all ages and old geeks like me. You see, I've been a software hacker for 38 years. By hacker, I mean I'm not a professional [...]

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Getting Started with Microelectronics

The Arduino is a small inexpensive microcontroller that can be used in a wide variety of engineering, arts, and crafts projects. Any project that interfaces or interacts with the physical world can probably benefit from using an Arduino, with sensors, [...]

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Want to make some community wireless data apps?

One of the drawbacks to starting a project to deploy data collecting apps in the field is the cost of the data plan. You can use a pre paid cell phone SIM card, but what if we got the price [...]

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Celebrate Free Hardware

Free as in freedom, as in open and available to be fixed, modified, or completely redesigned. Improved. Open Hardware is a term used to describe physical objects which design is created and shared publicly without restriction, allowing people to modify, improve [...]

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